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Tips for Designing a Great Book Cover

Even a great book may never depart from the bookstore if the cover doesn’t capture the reader’s eye. Bottom line, how your book cover looks like may be the most essential aspect of the whole book design and marketing process.

Below are some pointers to assist create a good book cover mockup:

Check out similar book covers.

Visit online and local bookstores and take a look at books in your category. When you go to the section of the shop where someday your book could be, what’s the first cover that grabbed your eye and why? What made the cover stick out from the rest? In the same manner, pay attention to those covers that you thought were the worst. Consider all these questions as you come up with a book cover mockup.

Choose the right colors.

Take note of the psychological impact of the colors you choose for your cover. If your book talks about with meditation, you may want to avoid an orange or red cover as these colors are more exciting than relaxing. Try white or blue in your book cover mockup, and you will find them more soothing and probably more suitable. Again, check out other books in the same genre and the colors they use. How do you want readers to feel about your book? What colors make you feel that way?

Put your title and name in the right places.

Unless you’re Stephen King, your name must be placed on the lower part of the cover. Your title should instead be on top, preferably bigger than your name or at least the same size. As soon as you have established yourself as an author, you can make your name your cover’s main attraction. In any case, the letters should be easily readable and stand out. As you create your book cover mockup , you’ll see that plain fonts in basic colors are better, but ensure the text won’t lose itself in the color behind it.

Use matching art.

The artwork you use should match the content of your book and must not distort the message is about. When she died, Agatha Christie’s murder mystery books had covers with gory pictures, like needles sticking out of someone’s eyes. While the covers were successful in catching attention, that ended there. People generally have an aversion to gruesome images. So don’t be happy just having them take a look – they should want to look deeper.

Keep it simple.

Keep the cover from being too busy. Try a distance test. Reduced your book cover mockup to one inch in height – the size it will be on the Internet. If your artwork cannot be distinguished easily at the said size, then it is too complicated. Also set the cover art at book size and look at it from ten feet away. If the artwork couldn’t be easily distinguished, it’s probably not the best choice for your cover.