The Leader of the Band’s Legacy Lives on at Welk Timeshare Resorts

The Welk Resorts, founded by musician and band leader Lawrence Welk, consist of luxury vacation homes in various locations, including in southern California, Nevada and Missouri. The environment is family friendly and offers many entertainment opportunities nearby. People can participate in Welk Timeshare options, which is helpful since most of the clientele can only stay at these vacation homes a limited number of times during the year, yet they want to return to the same place again and again. Otherwise, people can choose to rent as resort guests on specific dates.

About Timesharing

Timesharing involves owning the right to spend time at a property, a right which is shared with numerous other owners. People trade timeshare points with one another for the ability to vacation in other parts of the country and even the globe. They can spend time at the Welk resort in Branson during one vacation and at Lake Tahoe later in the year.


The resorts are set up like condos so customers have plenty of room when they spend a vacation there. There are kitchens for people who want to do some meal prep at “home” instead of going out to eat all the time or getting takeout. Guests can expect large swimming pools for adults and kids, and playgrounds for the youngsters. Because of the general age range of the Lawrence Welk Show’s audience, people might expect the resorts to essentially be retirement communities. Actually, the average age of timeshare owners is in middle age: late 40s and early 50s.

Lawrence Welk and His Resorts

Lawrence Welk was very much involved in the development of the resort idea that would bear his name. He focused on quality and a welcoming atmosphere to make sure the resort guests were completely satisfied and looked forward to coming back in the future. The first resort property under the Welk name was established in 1964 in Escondido, consisting of a motel and a golf course. More than 50 years later, the Welk family is still at the helm of the resort and its expansion, although the maestro himself passed away in 1992.