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Importance Of Video Creation

The technology that allows medium to broadcast, record and display moving visuals is known as video. There has been significant growth in the creation and production of videos since they were first introduced. The illusion of moving images was created through the alignment of different images on a screen In the earlier developing of videos, images captured by standstill camera were used.

The moving of selected images was done as an art known as cinemas to communicate stories, ideas and atmosphere There has been a significant revolution in the broadcasting of videos from the cathode rays to the digital technology over the decades. The first production of videos consisted of only visuals without any audio. Plastic films were used to record most videos which were displayed later by projectors.

Live videos and animated videos are some of the most common types of videos. Although drawings and cartoons are used in the making of animated videos, live videos are made using live images. The production of animated pictures was done as early as the beginning of the Twentieth century The use of two or more dimensional objects and traditional animation are most common types used in video animation.

The classification of dimensional object animations can be divided into two types. The computer graphics basically make up the three dimensional type while the two dimensional type is stylistic. It is basically more expensive to create and produce animated videos as compared to the live videos. For an animated video to be created perfectly, there must be consistency. This is to ensure that the characters created remain the same throughout the video. Animators have now an easier job creating video animations owing it to the evolution of technology.

There are so many companies all over the world nowadays that deal in video production both live and animated.Digital cameras and smartphones are mostly used in this era of modern technology to capture and edit personal videos. While some mobile applications allow you to animate your own videos in three dimensions.

The old method of creating videos is still commonly used by most production companies ignoring the new advanced technologies. As the internet technology advances, it is now possible to watch videos online from different websites. Also doctors can now create their own videos on how to help you diagnose and treat several diseases.

The technology of creating video has had a great impact in the education sector as well Lecturers and tutors can now create tutorial videos to be watched by the studentship. Meeting can also be held through video conferencing between employers, business partners and their employees.

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